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Sit back and let the evening go

A  recent project, funded by Creative Black Country.  So often we hear about the ‘lonely and isolated’.  This group of people (and there are millions) are described as a single entity.  A one-size fits all approach.  However, we know this isn’t the case.


Over the past year we have got to know the stories behind so many individual people who have all had very different experiences throughout lockdown.  They have real stories of resilience, relying on strangers, coping with no physical contact with loved ones, being poorly, experiencing bereavement and so much more.


Many are willing to share their stories that will surprise, shock, sadden and sometimes make you laugh. 


Forgotten Voices will capture the essence of our friends’ lockdown year through audio and sometimes the written word.  They will be shared for posterity as a record of a tumultuous year.

Sponsorship – some of our sponsors past and present - National Lottery, Dudley Council and Aviva
Volunteers – we are always looking for good cake makers and tea brewers
Donate – your donations enable us to continue making a difference to people throughout the West Midlands.

Happy Friends
Senior Men Playing Chess
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