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It’s getting better all the time


Our Friendship Club is based at Wall Heath Community Centre, which is on a good transport route, has excellent facilities and is easily accessible.  


The Friendship Club is a community organisation that currently meets on a weekly basis throughout the year in Wall Heath.  It’s for people from different communities who, for a variety of reasons, feel like they would like to make new friendships.


Our data tells us 43% of over 60-year olds in the area live alone.  One in three over 50’s and half of all over 80’s openly say they always or often feel lonely or alone.


Sgt. Pepper’s Friendship Club aims to combat that.  Our welcoming programme of activities hosts speakers, entertainers and light exercise and is continuing to grow.


Of course, you don’t need to live on your own to feel isolated, so we welcome everyone who feels they could enjoy some like-minded company.




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